Updates on High Speed!

In light of recent news about the movie and the manga adaptation, I wanted to remind everyone that volume 1 is still in great need of a complete re-edit. I’m hoping to get started on it mid-April or early May, but it’ll take a while due to other responsibilities I have. Afterwards, I might do some edits on volume 2 as well, since I’d like to uniformize both translations for consistency.

Also, I plan on subbing the movie when dvd/blu-ray raws come out and scanlating the manga chapters.



Welcome to Nanowave Translations. I translate works from Japanese to English, mostly light novels. For starters, I’m moving my High Speed! and Suki Kirai translations here. The first volume of High Speed! was done last summer as a speed translation, so it probably has a handful of mistakes in it. I plan on reworking it eventually.